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From Digital Natives to Digital Citizens: How Instructors are Using Wikipedia to Teach Information Literacy


Reliability of Information
+ Inclusion and Diversity
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That today's students are bombarded with information is a given. Being a digital native and being a digital citizen, however, are not one and the same. The ability to discern reliable information from the unreliable is a skill to be learned, practiced, and ultimately mastered. Information illiteracy is a luxury that today's students can no longer afford, and many educators are realizing that it is a skill they can no longer take for granted.

In this panel, three professors from Wiki Education's Wikipedia Student Program will discuss how they are using Wikipedia to transform their students from digital natives into responsible digital citizens. They'll explore how they're incorporating the Wikipedia assignment into their courses, and how the Wikipedia assignment excels at teaching today's students the critical media literacy skills they and society so desperately need. Additionally, they'll outline how issues of information literacy, equity, and access are all inextricably linked and the challenges they continue to face in creating students that are both responsible consumers as well as producers of knowledge.

Trudi Jacobson, Head of the University at Albany's Information Literacy Department and Distinguished Librarian, Amanda Foster Kaufman, Teaching Librarian at Wake Forest University, and Darrin Griffin, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Alabama, will focus on how they are using Wikipedia to enhance their students' information literacy skills, and how in turn, their students are improving Wikipedia. Helaine Blumenthal from Wiki Education will moderate the panel.

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Helaine Blumenthal, Trudi Jacobson, Amanda Foster Kaufman, and Darrin Griffin

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Helaine (Wiki Ed), TrudiJ, Fosterab, Djgriffin7

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Wiki Education, University at Albany, SUNY, Wake Forest University, University of Alabama

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60 minutes

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