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Due to limited space, WikiConference North America 2019 unfortunately could not accommodate this submission in its program this year.
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What's neutrality?: An epistemological discussion about advocacy and free knowledge in Spanish Wikipedia


Reliability of Information

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What motivates a person to edit about climate change, feminism, heritage, among other topics, in Spanish Wikipedia? Communities edit Wikimedia projects because they think certain topics matter. If the very election of a theme is a political stand by itself –because we are actively deciding what's worth preserving– , can the production of knowledge still be considered as 'neutral' from an epistemological standpoint?

This issue is particularly relevant in the Global South, due to some problems such as lack of references or "unreliable" sources. The goal of this presentation is to discuss if the use of projects for advocating can still be reliable, and how we should be moving from a so-called 'neutrality' approach into an accountability perspective. I'll show some examples of people using projects to make visible certain topics (hence, taking a non-neutral approach) by creating high-quality content and helping to "fill the gap" in knowledge production without compromising the rigourosity of the encyclopedia.

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Pepe Flores

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Wikimedia Mexico

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30 minutes

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30-40 persons

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No, but it's the byproduct of several discussions during Wikimania 2019

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