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This submission has been withdrawn by its author.


Black Lunch Table Strategies for Knowledge gaps


Global & Local, Inclusion & Diversity

Type of session:

Lightning Talk


Black Lunch Table will discuss the importance of using different Wiki entities for equity and visibility and our unique approach to each. We will begin by looking at the most recent community survey data and additional outside research reflecting on the percentage of the Wiki editorship who identifies as Black. Our talk will then look specifically at: Wikicommons, Visualizing Black artists and cultural workers through our Photobooth Project. Wikidata, The importance of using a dedicated property, on the focus list of, to aggregate and create lists as well as for SPARQL. Wikipedia, The most visible platform as a space for creating articles/biographies and closing the knowledge gap and increasing the representation of Black artists. Taken together we present our unique strategies of addressing and closing knowledge gaps on Wiki.

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Author name:

Eliza Myrie

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Black Lunch Table Wikimedians

Estimated time:

15 minutes

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Comment from Program team: Accepted as lightning talk, but these are normally 5 minutes not 15 -- Econterms (talk)