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Teaching Engineering Writing and Ethics with the Wikipedia Writing Assignment


Global & Local, Depth & Breadth for Newer Editors

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According the Wiki Education Foundation ("Foundation"), it has been supporting university instructors with Wikipedia writing assignments for over ten years. In that time, the Foundation's Wikipedia Student Program has supported over 4,000 courses and over 83,000 students who have edited almost 100,000 articles and added over 71 million words to Wikipedia.

Engineering students at the University of Southern California ("USC") have participated in the Foundation's Wikipedia Student Program through their upper-division writing courses since the spring semester of 2019. This presentation will describe the learning outcomes of course and their alignment with Wikipedia writing, assignment design and assessment, and student feedback about the Wikipedia writing experience at USC. The presentation will also include discussions about Wikipedia writing's resonance with students' understandings of digital citizenship and applied engineering ethics.

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Helen Choi

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University of Southern California

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15-20 minutes

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I would like to request Saturday or Sunday (as I teach on Fridays).

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Yes - at the Creative Commons Summit on September 20, 2021

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