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WikiConference North America 2023 unfortunately could not accommodate this submission in its program this year.


Beyond biographies: Equity on English Wikipedia


Community Initiatives, Education, Equity / Inclusion / Community Health

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Much of the conversation about Knowledge Equity related to content in the Wikimedia movement has focused on biographies — which is both important and easy to measure. But it's not everything. In this presentation, we'll talk about how Wiki Education is addressing both biographies and other elements of knowledge equity, including:

Adding missing perspectives to article content Diversifying contributors Encouraging participants to consider the diversity of authors they're citing Including diverse example items in our Wikidata trainings, not just Q42 We hope this session will spark more community discussion around ways we can expand our efforts to address knowledge equity beyond biographies, and how we measure our success in these areas.

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LiAnna Davis & Ian Ramjohn

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LiAnna (Wiki Ed); Ian (Wiki Ed)

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Wiki Education Foundation

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30 minutes

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