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Building English Wikipedia's best work: how to research and write featured articles


Credibility, Mis and Disinformation‎

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"Building English Wikipedia's best work: how to research and write featured articles"

I would like to present on how to create high-quality wikipedia content, with a focus on the standards applied at the featured article candidates process on English Wikipedia. My presentation would consist of two parts:

  • A how-to on creating high-quality content with generalizability to other language Wikipedias. Specific tips and tricks on writing high quality articles will be covered such as being concise, locating high-quality sources, and maintaining text to source integrity when writing. I will mention resources such as The Wikipedia Library, WikiProject Resource Exchange, and WikiProject Peer Review. Examples of successful content creation will be drawn from my own featured articles and those by other editors.
  • Information about the featured article candidates process on English Wikipedia and advice for getting involved, either as an article writer or reviewer. The featured article criteria and resources to succeed at featured article candidates, such as the mentorship program and Guild of Copy Editors, will also be covered.

I think my presentation is important because content creation is the backbone of Wikimedia and it's something we can all strive to do better at. Featured content processes, because they are designated "Wikipedia's best work", can be daunting for newcomers and my presentation can help provide the information and inspiration needed to get started. Although featured article candidates is an English Wikipedia process, similar processes exist on other language Wikipedias and my presentation will help editors succeed at those as well.

Draft slides uploaded to commons here.

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Featured article candidates on enwiki; I am one of the coordinators

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20-30 minutes

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Livestreaming is okay

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