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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2023.


IP Masking - Protecting privacy for unregistered editors


Legal / Advocacy / Risks, Technology

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The Anti-Harassment Tools team in the Wikimedia Foundation is leading the cross-department program for implementing IP Masking. The IP Masking program kicked off in 2018. This program was born from concerns around data use and privacy with various governments around the world introducing data laws of their own. It is aimed at improving our users’ privacy, ensuring that they can contribute to our projects effectively and safely, as well as to address legal risk around publishing and retaining IP addresses. The presentation can be found here Project page:

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Niharika Kohli

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NKohli (WMF)

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Wikimedia Foundation

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30 minutes

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Yes. At the Wikimedia Hackathon 2023.

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Do not livestream

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