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Open Education Training Needs in an Evolving Society: Round Table


Recent Changes, Education

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Since 2018, Creative Commons has been running a robust series of Certificate courses that give participants a chance at facilitated, in-depth study about CC licenses, open practices, and the general ethos of the Commons. These courses consist of readings, quizzes, discussions, and practical exercises to develop learners’ open skills. There are currently almost 1500 Certificated graduates from 65 countries; courses are open to everyone, but focus on openness for Academic Librarians, Educators, and Open Culture professionals (folks working with galleries, archives, libraries, and museums). The CC Certificate program is built to iterate and improve based on feedback from community members.

In this Round Table, we’d like to speak directly to the open community and hear from Wikimedians: what are your current educational needs? There are many emerging trends that are impacting the world of open and the use of CC licenses right now, including: artificial intelligence, climate change, pandemic considerations, widespread mis and disinformation, and increasing social inequalities. What learning and training opportunities should we consider to help the open community address these challenges? Participants will hear about current learning and training opportunities available from Creative Commons and be able to shape future opportunities through active feedback.

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Shanna Hollich

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Creative Commons

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60 minutes

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Have not presented specifically on this topic, though frequently present on CC’s learning and training efforts more generally.

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Livestreaming is okay

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