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Project Korikath: an attempt to engage youth in bridging local visual knowledge gaps


Community Initiatives, GLAM / Heritage / Culture, Credibility / Mis and Disinformation (WikiCred)

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Project Korikath, is a team of young and enthusiastic students and volunteers dedicated to contributing to the community while following our passions. Our journey began in 2021, and since then, we have grown from a small group of 7/8 people to a family of over 30 dedicated volunteers. The project is currently active in four countries including Canada, and I’m taking care of the Canada part. We try to bridge visual knowledge gaps regarding local topics in Wikimedia.

We received Wikicred funding in the last cycle and are done with all our goals.

One of the main goals we had from the beginning was to focus on taking better pictures for articles that lack good pictures or even don’t even have any images at all. Also, Our aim from the outset was to channel the youth wikimedians’ creative energies into productive endeavors, such as photography, videography, writing, and technology. We wanted to make a positive impact and leave a lasting legacy in the community. Though it’s basically a Wikimedia Commons-based team, our focus primarily lies not only in uploading and organizing media but also in adding the works to articles, writing new articles regarding local topics, translating content, and engaging in various other projects.

Through our collective efforts, we have achieved significant milestones. We are continuously working on our goals, going to different important places to take better pictures for the articles. Not only that, over the past year, we successfully uploaded 10,000+ pictures to Wikimedia Commons, enriching articles with visual content and enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, we have managed to nominate more than 400 of our pictures as Quality Images, a testament to the dedication and commitment of our team members.

My primary objective in the presentation is to inspire others to take the initiative to engage young people with the Wikimedia movement. By involving the next generation, we can foster a sense of ownership, empower their creativity, and create a lasting impact on the world of knowledge sharing.

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Fabian Roudra Baroi

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Fabian Roudra Baroi

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Project Korikath

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