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Notes for discussion with Federal Enterprise MediaWiki demonstration group, 26 Nov 2018

  • Conference was in Columbus, Ohio, at Columbus public library and at Ohio State, Oct 18-21, 2018
  • Conference schedule


Local libraries and archives
  • We visited real-world libraries and archives and museums
  • At Ohio's state archives, saw weekly maps of Europe from U.S. military in WWII, vast rows of records
  • at central Columbus public library, saw large scale precise scanners for digitizing documents of many kinds
Online archives/library
Structured data and wikidata

Education: Use of Wikimedia for classwork

Copyright: John Mark Ockerbloom on U of Penn project identifying works out of copyright (federally funded research)

  • Almost all works before 1923 are free of copyright in the U.S.; starting in January 2019, more materials will be copyright-free (all of 1923 I think)
  • their project identifies many magazine/journal works up to 1960s whose copyrights were not renewed, and creates data records so they can be identified and classified

A project of mine: My lightning talk on (my) patents project on Wikidata