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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2023.


Scholia workshop


Recent Changes, Community Initiatives, Education, Equity / Inclusion / Community Health, GLAM / Heritage / Culture, Governance, Legal / Advocacy / Risks, Open Data, Research / Science / Medicine, Technology, Credibility / Mis and Disinformation (WikiCred)

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Scholia is a web service hosted on Toolforge that generates scholarly profiles that provide windows into Wikidata's research-related content. It can be used to get an overview about a specific aspect of research, which could be, for instance, a topic, a research institution or a biological species — over 20 profile types are available. Scholia can also facilitate several forms of deeper engagement with some such aspects, e.g. the topics of publications using a particular resource. It facilitates data curation and can assist groups in prioritizing edits, identifiying gaps and coordinating activities.

In this workshop, participants will learn how Scholia works, how it can be used, how it interacts with Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia and other parts of the Wikimedia landscape. Special attention will be given to community structures like WikiProjects and how they can integrate Scholia with their workflows.

Slides: here

Author name:

Daniel Mietchen

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Daniel Mietchen

Affiliated organization(s):

WikiProject Scholia

Estimated time:

75 min

Special requests:

Have you presented on this topic previously? If yes, where/when?:

I have given numerous presentations on Scholia, but not yet an in-person workshop.

Okay to livestream?

Livestreaming is okay

If your submission is not accepted, would you be open to presenting your topic in another part of the program? (e.g. lightning talk or unconference session)