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Architects Build Wiki: A Pilot Campaign Featuring Black Architects of Detroit


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Architects Build Wiki is a Wikipedia content improvement campaign launching in 2021 at the 50th National Organization of Minority Architects' (NOMA) annual conference in Detroit, Michigan. This is a collaboration with multiple partners: a professional society (NOMA), historian (Noir Design Parti), GLAM institution (The Wright Museum of African American History), and wiki expert (Wiki Strategies). In our pilot phase is we will focus on the Black architects of Detroit and their accomplishments; we will expand our scope to Black architects of other cities in the coming year, and publish a guide for like-minded organizations. We seek to learn from and build on the models of past successful campaigns including Wiki Women in Red, Wiki Loves Monuments, and News On Wiki. Three presenters—an architect/historian, a museum professional, and a wiki expert—will introduce the campaign as a team.

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Pete Forsyth

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15-30 minutes

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We hosted this webinar.

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