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Mid-semester rookie report: Starting a wikiversity project & teaching a class with wikiedu assignments



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Lightning talk

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Wikimedia Commons.


Digital Media and Information in Society is a first-year first-semester class for interactive media and game design students. This year -- as a rookie newbie to writing and editing in the wiki communities -- I am introducing Wikipedia assignments with the support of the Wikiedu project. In addition, I've created a Wikiversity project to house the course syllabus and gather critical reflections from my students. I will provide a mid-semester reflection and summarize mid-semester evaluation responses from my students assessing their experiences and thoughts on being a part of the wiki communities.

The course began with an comparison of collaborative knowledge sharing platforms (Wikipedia) and conversational AI models (chatGPT), in the context of the philosophy of communication, We then examined information ages past (oral, manuscript, printing, electronic) and present (Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0) and will be embarking on future (Web 4.0, Human-maching integration, Media consumption and distribution)

The Wikiversity project houses the course syllabus, learning resources including conversation (lecture) notes, readings, and course assignments. The project has pages for each conversation topic identifying sub-topics and a providing a bibliography. The conversation bibliographies consist of the required and option course resources, including readings, videos and audio resources. In addition, the pages include discussion questions inviting students to create short critical reflections on the conversation topic in new pages in the project, and to engage with each other through the talk pages created by students.

The Wikedu project provides links to training modules and guidelines for timing and specific assignments, and tracks student participation in these activities.

I will reflect on my initial experiences creating a project in Wikiversity, examine the utility of using Wikiversity; explore my students’ reactions to the wikiversity project and to the Wikipedia writing assignments, and provide some thoughts comparing mediawiki to tiddlywiki as a hypertextual authoring platform.

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Steven M. Schneider

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SUNY Polytechnic Institute

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6-8 minutes

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