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  1. 2014/"Women's Work: Female Bonding and Empowerment during Wikipedia Parties"
  2. 2014/7th Grade wikipedia project
  3. 2014/A Year in Residence at the Chemical Heritage Foundation
  4. 2014/An update on U.S. software patents.
  5. 2014/Answering Big Questions With Wikidata
  6. 2014/Art + Feminism Edit-a-thons
  7. 2014/Ask the Wiki Education Foundation
  8. 2014/Bridging conversations with the Humanities
  9. 2014/Bringing More Women to Free Software: What's Working for Us
  10. 2014/Coaching Undergraduates to Shrink Wikipedia’s Gender Gap
  11. 2014/Commons Photography Project Posters
  12. 2014/Community Management 101: Building a Successful Wiki Community
  13. 2014/Comunity Accion Service and Wikipedia
  14. 2014/Confessions of a paid editor
  15. 2014/Creating Wikipedia Scholars involving University Students,Graduates and Doctoral Students to Participate
  16. 2014/Dealing with abusive admins
  17. 2014/Digital Rights, Wikipedia, and Online Advocacy
  18. 2014/Editing trends
  19. 2014/Encyclopedia of Social Sciences
  20. 2014/Ethan Cohen Fine Arts
  21. 2014/Fit for Public Display: Rethinking Censorship via a Comparison of Chinese Wikipedia with Hudong and Baidu Baike
  22. 2014/Forward to Libraries: Tools and data for connecting Wikipedia and local library resources
  23. 2014/Global Economic Map: Wikidata project
  24. 2014/Growing the Awesome in your Programs
  25. 2014/Health Science panel
  26. 2014/How the PR Industry Views Wikipedia
  27. 2014/IdeaLab Workshop
  28. 2014/If we build it, will they come? Bringing library collections to the people through Wikipedia
  29. 2014/Image by Wikipedia
  30. 2014/Improving Wikipedia Official Mobile Application to be Friendlier and more Functional
  31. 2014/Language Issues and Commons
  32. 2014/Leadership & Wikipedia
  33. 2014/Lessons Learned in Nurturing Learning
  34. 2014/Measuring Editor Collaborativeness With Economic Modelling
  35. 2014/Measuring Editor Collaborativeness With Economic Modelling/Edits MS
  36. 2014/NYCpedia: using Mediawiki with NYC's Open Data
  37. 2014/New editors
  38. 2014/OpenStreetMap mapping party!
  39. 2014/Open Access Panel
  40. 2014/Open Wiki Hackathon (help everyone enhance wiki's everywhere:)
  41. 2014/Organizations participating in an article about them
  42. 2014/Paid Editing Moderated Discussion
  43. 2014/Panel: Wikipedia Campus Ambassador Program NYC
  44. 2014/Pedagogy and new user socialization
  45. 2014/Reconstructing the past with Mediawiki: Programmatic Issues and Solutions
  46. 2014/Reflections on a collaborative editing assignment with 200+ students
  47. 2014/Remixing metadata from libraries and archives with the RAMP editor
  48. 2014/Signalling Open Access References
  49. 2014/Social Dramas of Wikipedia
  50. 2014/State of Wikidata

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