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WikiConference North America
Toronto — 9-12 November 2023
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The WikiConference North America is a series of presentations, panels, workshops and roundtables led by the Wikimedia community and institutions of knowledge and technology. As our schedule fills up quickly, we encourage everyone to submit their submissions before the end of the day, Friday June 30th. Submissions may be accepted after this date, but approval will be subject to space availability.

We invite submissions that explore how to interlink and collaborate between North America Wikimedia Chapters and User Groups. We will foster a variety of formats in broadcast, large-group, and small-group sessions over three successive days. While the theme and these focus areas will be particular topics the conference will revolve around, we welcome all submissions that are relevant to the Wikimedia movement - do not feel confined to the conference theme or focus areas if you have something great to share!

Submit a session proposal

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Session types

We invite attendees to submit proposals for presentation, panel, roundtable discussions, workshop, around a topic : Tech, Safety, Editing, Free Culture, Structured metadata, etc. or any other topics that fall under topics related to Wikimedia projects or free culture.

Type Description Suggested Length
Lightning talk A very short presentation lasting only a few minutes; a data blitz. 5-8 minutes
Presentation A presentation on any topic within the themes covered by the conference. 15–30 minutes
Panel A facilitated discussion among three or more on a pre-selected topic. 30–45 minutes
Round Table A group-wide discussion on a pre-selected topic. 30–60 minutes
Workshop A facilitated group-wide tutorial and/or working session on a pre-selected topic. 30–75 minutes

Proposal Review Process

Proposals will be reviewed by a Programming Committee. Each submission is rated on a variety of factors including the likely level of impact and expected outcomes; expected community interest; and how well-connected the submission is to the theme or a focus area. Committee scores are averaged, and the top portion of submissions will be accepted as they fit into the schedule.

You will be notified about the Program Committee's decision regarding your submission via email. If your submission is not added to the preliminary schedule, please do not be discouraged. WikiConference North America will have time set aside in the schedule for participants and attendees to participate in self-organized talks and working groups during our lightning talks and unconference sessions.

Existing submissions

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